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PUBLIC LECTURE-Crises Abound: Heath, Climate, Energy, Food, Pandemics... How Large-Scale Systems Biology Can Help Address the Major Challenges We Are Facing

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2023-04-24 (Creation date: 2023-04-13)
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WBGU-PBS, BGSU Dept. of Biological Sciences
PUBLIC LECTURE, Dr. Dan Jacobson

The traits and diseases, of an organism, including its adaptation to its surrounding environment and the interactions with its microbiome, are controlled by patterns found in its genome as well as how molecules (proteins, metabolites, RNA, etc.) interact within cells and tissues. The cost of generating biological data is dropping exponentially, resulting in a flood of data that has opened a new era of systems biology in which there are unprecedented opportunities to gain insights into complex biological systems. These insights have applications in precision medicine, bioenergy, precision agriculture, ecosystem studies, and pandemic prevention among other disciplines.
Biological Sciences, Computing in Biological Data
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